„How to multiply the number of your customers today?”.

Would you like to attract more clients, but lack the funds for advertising?

Do you wish hold that competitive edge during the current global financial crisis?
Keresőmarketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can teach you how.

Aproximately 500 million people surf the world wide web in search of information, consumer products, career opportunities, or financial services in a variety of search engines such as: Google, Lycos, WebCrawler, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, just to name a few popular ones.

The numbers have been increasing daily. Today’s customers have recognized that their individual needs, interests, and the insatiable apetite for information can be best satisfied through use of the internet. The infinite number of opportunities, products, and services can all be accessed with within a few clicks at rug cleaning services london.


What does this mean? And how can the use of the information highway really benefit you?

The role of the internet as a marketing tool.

The web network as source of marketing has dramatically increased, developed in the past 5 years.

More and More people all around the world, even in the most remote regions are being connected. The internet has become a fully intergrated cultural phenomena bringing the world closer.

Who would have imagined 15 years ago that 99% of the population would use mobile phones today? Who would have guessed that mobile phones would have multiple functions, such as WAP, PDA, wifi all functioning in harmony with high speed internet access?

All information, services, products are obtainable at any time from any part of the world.

And what comes next?

The next full scale trend is that companies will compete to make their webpages the most viewed on the internet. What does this mean for online marleting?

The most popular pages that are displayed by search engines for certain keywords, phrases, or tags. Surveys have showed that online surfers usually view the first 10 to 20 webpages of search results. Companies that don’t make it onto the first 20 most viewed pages on any search result are basically invisible! 

Why would your company waste thousands of dollars on  advertising, when state of the art web technology and consultation is available. This is known as search engine marketing (SEM),and it will increase your business and internet exposure as well as the number of your customers.

Why do I say that?         „If you snooze, you loose!!!

The latest SEO technologies have developed significantly over the years. To site a perfect example a leading search engine: Google has brought new meaning to „time is money” by launching the most powerful search engine to date.

Over the years we have developed websites, advised thousands of companies with their business endeavors to create more powerful and highly visible online dimensional surfaces  world-wide. 

The value of their websites have increased drastically over the years.

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How does a webpage get rank #1 in Google? 

The Seo industry has gone through some major changes over the past few years. Read this article if you want to know how does a webpage get rank number one in Google.

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Online marketing consultation with our experts:

Professional Consultation is free of charge and is a 3 step process:

1.We asses your website’s structure, keyword rank, and links if applicable. If you do not yet have a website we move on to the second step.

2.We examine your competition and provide you with a set of keywords that are your best options in order to ensure more website visitors find their way to your site.

3.We provide a tailor made package on how to create a website that can beat the competition and reach the desired rank and desired number of visitors. In this offer we will include cost estimates and duration of delivery of completed service.

 How to build your website?

To make your website search engine friendly it needs to be structured in a certain way and the content also has to be optimized for effectiveness.

Our international online marketing consulting firm was established with the aim to help small and mid size enterprises world-wide to find new opportunities to market themselves applying the most up-to-date search engine marketing tools and with this assistance better reach millions of new customers. We can design, construct and streamline the perfect website to accomodate your business demands.

More information on SEO do's and don't's.

What is online marketing?

What is the difference between online advertising and search engine marketing (SEM)?

1. Online advertising is usually charged per ad (as is also newspaper, radio, tv) and it only appears for the duration paid for. With the latest SEM technique, on the other hand, your website can be viewed continiously. That’s advertising 24/7! All webpage positioning data , number of registrations per site, and costs can all be precisely measured. In the long run, a well structured and optimized webpage that is ranked in the top 10 of the search result is able to generate more clients in the most cost effective way.

2. Among the vast number of online websites your ad may not reach the targeted consumer, whereas with SEM your site can stand out from the rest.

3. Many people avoid direct marketing and prefer working with companies that are naturally ranked high in search engine clicks due to the quality of their website. 

Seo secrets

Would you like to attract thousands of interested readers, surfers, potencial customers to your website? Would you like to generate thousands of leads at the lowest possible cost?

We know how to do that!

„The value of a well optimised, well structured web page increases with time!”

Our team is comprised of dedicated, highly trained SEM, SEO, and online marketing professionals who have developed and implemented the most up-to-date search engine marketing techniques along with the most advanced search engine optimization tools. Through our services many enterprises have generated thousands of real website visitors of which a high percentage have turned into returning patron customers.

For those who have read the full page we tell the real seo secrets in this article:

Seo secrets part 1


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