So what is online marketing?

Well, it's no too different from any other type of marketing, except that it is cheaper and you can reach a broader audience immediately. Online marketing involves advertising products or services online. You do not have to own a product or offer a service to profit from internet marketing. Almost every product or service available online has an affiliate program. This means that the vendor will let you advertise their goods and give you a nice commission if a customer makes a purchase as a result of your efforts. Millions of people make a full time living marketing affiliate products.

Once you learn what internet marketing is, you will understand why people are so passionate about this career. You don't have to have previous experience, no one decides if you're hired or fired - you're your own boss. And you don't have to have a degree or even a diploma. Absolutely anyone can do this; all you need is determination and internet access!

As I stated earlier, online marketing

is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You will have to put forth an effort to see results. But you can work on your own time and most people even do it part time to start with while still working a full time day job. Once they are able to replace their income from their day job, they fire their boss! If you are wondering what internet marketing is - it is an opportunity for people to succeed online, even in the midst of an economic crisis!

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